all terrain ATLAS vehicle concept design

Nicolas chacin dessert4screenver2 nicolaschacin
Nicolas chacin spacescenevwer1 0

First POV

Nicolas chacin desert 3ver1 0

Second POV

Nicolas chacin junglever1 0

Third POV

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Pencil sketches

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Formal watercolour Shape thumbnails

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Traditional Sketches

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quick detail sketch

Nicolas chacin colorschemever1 0

Color line design

Nicolas chacin 3

3d massout 1

Nicolas chacin 4

3d massout 2

Nicolas chacin 1

3d massout 3

Nicolas chacin 2

3d massout 4

This is the second vehicle project done to enhance a efficient and a quick workflow to create, from cero, a vehicle concept... It was very fun to do, and im very very happy with the time mesure. My modeling skill is still very raw, but was enough to create a massout to follow. There are a lot of things to improve yet!! Do you have an advise? let me know in the comments please!